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"Everyone is the architect of their own happiness" - J. Pilates
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Pilates is primarily a state of wellbeing. Attitude Pilates Studio offers customized programs tailored to your needs and goals: muscle training, posture correction or performance targets. You will have the advantage of working with a coach who will give you all the support and attention you need throughout the program. You will reinvent yourself and you will get the positive energy of a newborn!

1. Reformer

Probably there is no Pilates apparatus more famous than the Reformer. And rightly so. The first impression the apparatus makes is an extremely powerful one. The impact of exercises done with it is amazing on the body. The performances promised by this equipment are incredible and if the exercises are done correctly, they come packed with a positive tone that lasts until the next pilates session.

What are the benefits of exercise on the Reformer?

If you have tried this apparatus, you already know what superpowers have. If you have not tried it before, then you need to know the benefits of working on the Reformer:

  • Increase muscle strength, elasticity, coordination, static and dynamic balance. All this leads to long-term benefits, both physically and mentally.
  • Strong improvements in posture.
  • The disappearance or relief of pain associated with physical imbalances, such as lumbar pain, cervical or joints.
  • In pilates, small, stabilizers muscles are as important as large muscle groups. All of these muscles are worked on the Reformer so that they provide stability and support to the entire bone system.
  • Flat abs, strong back, toned buttocks and thighs are all results of this apparatus. Also draw fundamental transformations into our body.
  • The Reformer is an apparatus large enough to accommodate exercises that require extensive movements, making it ideal for increasing flexibility, while working on muscles stretching.
  • The Reformer can be used by anyone, at any age and with any physical training.
  • An immediate benefit of this device is the control you gain over your own body. Right after the first session, balance improves.
  • The Reformer is recommended by our customers as the “energizer” because, besides all the physical benefits, you have the ideal tool for mental revival and mental well-being


2. MOTR®
MOTR® combines the comfort of a foam roller with the challenge of three weight level resistances, giving you a challenging training tool for cardio, balance exercises to improve agility, strength and flexibility.

What are the benefits of exercising on MOTR®?

  • MOTR® is ideal for exercises that require arms and abdomen;
  • It is used in trainings for improving agility and balance, with exceptional results;
  • A versatile device that works very well for both the upper part of the body and the lower part;


3. Cadillac

The Cadillac brand evokes the elegance of luxury convertible cars with electric windows, the product of the innovation of the past century. These are the reasons why this Pilates device has been given this name: elegance, grace, precision, suppleness and comfort.

What are the benefits of exercise on the Cadillac?

  • If sport is a way of life for you, we recommend the Cadillac, whose arcs of varying intensity can be used successfully to strengthen the tendons and joints;
  • The Cadillac device strengthens the “center of power” muscles, responsible for supporting the spine and position;
  • At the same time, the spine stabilizing muscles will be worked correctly, keeping this position during the exercises; those suffering from lordosis will be able to work without muscle pain;
  • The Cadillac can also be used for those who recover, because progressive or regressive movements can be made;
  • Another advantage of this device is that it can be used by both beginner enthusiasts and those with advanced training, with the trainer having the ability to adapt the Cadillac positions accordingly and the tension of the arcs they work with.


4. Ped-o-pull

A unique Pilates device you probably never heard of before, Ped-o-pull consists of a base platform and an upright pole that has two springs with handles. Participants stand on the platform, center themselves against the pole and then use the handles attached to the spring to do various exercises.

What are the benefits of Ped-o-pull exercises?

  • The Ped-o-pull is especially good for working on your standing alignment and fine tuning your Pilates breathing.
  • It is also used to strengthen the core muscles around the arms and shoulders;


5. EXO Chair

The EXO Chair is a friendly device that makes the workouts fun, entertaining and invaluable for the entire body. Specially designed for a wide range of exercises, the device has a lot of features that makes the workspace very flexible: you can push, pull, do cardio exercises. Although “harmless” at first glance, EXO Chair training requires a lot of strength, coordination, ability to select muscle groups that enter into contraction, static and dynamic balance.

What are the benefits of exercises on EXO Chair?

  • Designed for both individual and group sessions, EXO Chair makes training sessions fun! Advantages of group exercises: a complex, adaptable but demanding device that brings smile to everyone’s lips as the muscles work;
  • EXO Chair offers an efficient and complete workout with excellent results;
  • There are many exercises you can do on this apparatus without getting bored during training;
  • EXO Chair works on different levels of resistance, in order to achieve outstanding results for any level of physical training you are in;
  • EXO Chair is one of the appliances that, despite its fragile appearance, tones and strengthens the muscles in an extremely intense manner, especially for those who claim lumbar pain in the joints of the lower limbs and shoulders.


6. Ladder Barrel

Ladder Barrel is used for core strength and flexibility exercises. It combines ladder rungs with a barrel surface for stretching, strengthening and flexibility exercises.

What are the benefits of Ladder Barrel exercises?

  • One of the main advantages is that it helps to isolate deep postural muscles and challenge the body in all motion plans;
  • Most often it is used to stretch your hips and do what we call “ballet stretch”;
  • Ladder Barrel can be used to target abdomen and spine;
  • Used most of the times at the end of a pilates session, Ladder Barrel is the ideal device when you want to feel taller, longer and stronger.


7. Bodhi Suspension System

The world’s first four-point suspension system for fitness, the Bodhi Suspension System is a device developed by the Pilates instructor Khita Whyatt and includes two independent ropes which, when installed, create four suspension points. This allows unlimited opportunities to suspend the body from each point. In addition, each point choice adds strength, flexibility, balance and proprioceptive challenges.

What are the benefits of exercises on the Bodhi Suspension System?

  • Using this device means strong challenges of flexibility, balance and proprioception;
  • The ability to perform exercises that improve power, stability and balance;
  • Suitable and adaptable for all body types, the system is perfect for group exercises, semi-private sessions or private sessions;
  • In addition, the Bodhi Suspension System is ideal for building the whole body’s strength in all motion plans;
  • Bodhi is one of the devices that does not limit your creativity and can be used in dozens of exercises and variations.